Necklace Guide

Each person is beautifully unique in shape and size. Please refer to this for approximate size reference and guide. To determine what is best for your body it is recommended that you measure where these would fall on yourself. No one body type is the best as each style and piece has unique properties and you are just so perfectly you.

To Measure use flexible measuring tape, such as one used in sewing and see where the ends meet on your body and make your choices from there.

Necklace Sizing Chart

Necklace Length- Position on the Body (approximate)

  • Collar
    • 10″ to 14″ Wraps closely around neckline
  • Choker
    • 14.5″ to 16″ Wraps loosely around neckline
  • Princess
    • 18″ to 20″ Rests on or just below collarbone
  • Matinee
    • 22″ to 24″ Rests at or just below bust line
  • Opera
    • 28″ to 38″ Falls below the bust line
  • Rope, Wrap, or Lariat
    • around 36″ to 42″ drapes down the body to as low as the navel line

Necklace Sizing Guide photo OhMi Creations Necklace Sizing Guide_zps1s7pvpy2.jpg

How to Wear Necklace Styles by Body

  • Neck
    • Long- Collars and chokers are a great way to add a subtle clean break in a longer neck.
    • Short- Choose a Matinee, Opera, Rope or Larait length to help achieve length. These will also help slim.
  • Bust

To accentuate bust Princess to Matinee length is best, it will attract the eyes to the upper bust line. If your momma gave you a little extra it’s best to opt for Princess and avoid Matinee length since these lengths won’t rest how you want them.

  • Frame
    • Petite- Simple necklaces are best to not overwhelm the stature. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.
    • Average +- Statements, layers, and bulky necklace pieces are great for larger builds. These necklaces will help break up and accentuate in the right areas.

How to Wear Necklace Styles by Height

  • Short up to 5’4″ Princess length necklaces will look best. Opt for a V-shaped style that will help make you appear taller by elongation your neckline.
  • Average 5’4″ – 5’7″ Wear necklaces of any length comfortably. You get free range of deciding based more on outfit neckline. Lucky you.
  • Taller 5’7″ + Wear necklaces of any length, but take advantage of being able to wear longer styles, especially since they accentuate your frame.

How to Wear Necklace Styles by Face Shape

  • Heart face shape (Similar Diamond face shape) Slightly pointy chin with narrow jawline. The forehead is the widest point. Diamond-shaped faces are similar often with slightly harsher angles with the cheeks being the widest point.

Do opt for Collar to Choker length necklaces which are used to give the appearance of smoothing sharp angles by seeming to diminish focus on the harsh lines. Any of our chunky, bulky, stacked, layered or statement necklaces will help flatter this area.

  • Pear or Triangle face shape- Narrow chin and jaw line with wider cheeks, temples, and forehead area.

Do opt for Opera and or multiple chain necklaces to even out the jawline and elongate the face. Any of our drop gemstone pendants will help draw attention away, giving a more balanced look.

  • Round face shapeWider at cheekbones and with a full forehead. Shorter chin with round jawline.

Do opt for any bulky or beaded collar necklaces and drop pendants or longer necklace styles to help give the appearance of a more oval face. Our Larait styles will really help with this effect.

  • Rectangular/Square and oblong face shapeVisually appearing equal forehead and jawline. The rectangle is a variation of the square face but is usually more oblong and narrow.

Do opt for Collar to Choker length necklaces which appear to shorten the length of the jaw, seeming to soften angles of square and rectangle face shapes. Princess lengths and bulkier necklaces with more accents are great for rectangular faces while Matinee, Opera, and Larait or Wrap necklaces can accent square face shapes rather well.

  • Oval face shape– This shape is wider at the forehead and tapers to a curved chin. Oval faces are longer rather than wide, resembling an egg shape.

Do opt for most styles. It’s harder to find a style that doesn’t work with this face type. Lucky duck 🙂