Earring Guide

Here you will find information on earrings including different types and styles of earrings. When choosing earrings it helps to keep in mind which styles compliment your face shape. The easiest way is to choose a pair that are opposite your facial structure, this will be explained more below but think opposite your facial structure in a pinch.

  1. Choosing Types of Earrings
  2. Choosing Earrings Based on Face Shape
  3. Choosing Earrings Based on Hair

Types of Earrings

Ball Earrings
These are earrings which are found in a variety of different sized balls.
Button Earrings
This usually refers to the shape and style of the stone or focal element being similar to a button.
Chandelier Earrings
Refers to Earrings which are similar to a chandelier and dangle below the ear.
Clip-on Earrings
For individuals without pierced ears this is a fashionable alternative. These bad boys just clip over your ear gently but firmly to stay in place.
Cluster Earrings
These earrings consist of clustered components (gemstones, glass beads, etc.) which dangle below the ear.
Dangle/Drop Earrings
Just like the name implies, these earrings dangle or drop below the ear.
Ear Cuff
There are many variations on ear cuffs but basically these are accessories that wrap around some part of your ear and may or may not require a piercing. Ear Cuffs are usually asymmetrical.
Ear Wire
This is a post style earring that extends some length of the ear. Ear wires are usually asymmetrical do occasionally come in paired styles.
French Wire Earrings
Constructed with a wire curving through the lobe like a fish hook.
Hinged Earrings
Earrings which open and close at a hinge to stay in place.
shaped earrings that are inserted through the lobe and are either plain or decorated with beads or gemstones.
Continuous Hoop
Hoop Earring that slides into itself to appear seamless.
J-Hoop Earrings
Shaped similar to a J instead of original Hoop Earrings.
Latch Back
These earrings have a wire on a hinge that goes through the lobe and latches in place.
Lever Back Earrings
Dangle or Drop Earrings with a curved wire that goes through the lobe and latches into place with a lever hinge.
Post, Solitaire, Stud Earrings
A single, often simple, focal point (gemstone or glass bead) on a fixed post or stud through the lobe.
Threaded/Threader Earrings
These are long thin chains or wire that are threaded through the piercing, can be either simple or statement in style.

Choosing Earrings based on Face Shape

Remember earlier when I said to think opposite your facial structure to help choose a pair of earrings? That’s the simplest way to compliment your face shape and accessorize to dress your features up, it also can be a way to trick the eye and hide some less flattering features. Here’s a cheat sheet for finding ideal earrings for your face shape.

Heart or Diamond Face Shape- Slightly pointy chin with narrow jawline. The forehead is the widest point. Diamond-shaped faces are similar often with slightly harsher angles with the cheeks being the widest point.

For diamond or heart shaped faces- teardrop styles are ideal. Any earrings with long curvy lines will compliment this face shape. Think triangles as the opposite shape, can be found in many chandelier earrings. Statement studs or slight drop earrings are a good match but you should avoid diamond or heart shaped earrings.

Round face shape- Wider at cheekbones and with a full forehead. Shorter chin with round jawline.

Round shaped faces- are ideal with earrings featuring long hard lines such as chain dangle earrings.

Rectangular/Square and Oblong face shape- Visually appearing equal forehead and jawline. The rectangle is a variation of the square face but is usually more oblong and narrow.

Square shaped faces- are best paired with earrings that are more elongated with soft curves pulling the eyes down to give the illusion of length. Ignore square shapes and think oval hoops.

Rectangular shaped faces- pair well similarly with the same as squares but should not go past the jawline
Oblong faces work well with soft lined earrings and studs.

Oval face shape- This shape is wider at the forehead and tapers to a curved chin. Oval faces are longer rather than wide, resembling an egg shape.

Oval shaped faces- are a good match for many different earring styles. Chandelier Earrings are a good match.

Pear or Triangle face shape- Narrow chin and jaw line with wider cheeks, temples, and forehead area.

Triangle or Pear shaped faces- pair well with Stud or Solitaire earrings. Ear Cuffs or Wires are worn to draw the attention away from the jaw.

Choosing Earrings Based on Hair

Longer Hair- you can either have earrings that peek out or stand out depending on how you blend your earrings and tresses. Long dangling earrings or those which pop out more such as bold chandelier styles. You have more visual play with beachy waves, updos, and other styles that pull your locks away from your face so use the opportunity to take advantage of the following options as well.

Medium Hair- to give the illusion of longer locks wear earrings which are longer like chain dangles. Larger earrings are best for medium hair to really stand out when hair is falling around shoulder length and covering the sides of your face.

Short Hair- It’s like the earring lottery if you’re rocking a shorter style like the pixie cut, your ears are fully to mostly exposed which is ideal for studs. If you want to go bold hoops or chandelier earrings are going to add more pop.